Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bag with a padded netbook pocket

A friend of mine requested for a bag with a padded pocket for her netbook. I thought she wanted a separate lappie case but she mentioned again in her email "a padded pocket". Wow that was one challenging thing to do. Since this is my second time time doing a padded lappie case, the cutting of the fabric and webbing was simple. But.. to join the lappie case as a pocket was tough. Took me 3 hours to figure it out. And tadaaaa... below is the output of my 5 hours of thinking, cutting, thinking and sewing.. pwheeehhh.

I didn't make it like a normal pocket because I didn't want the netbook protruding at the side of the bag, which I think it will look awful. If you see at the top left picture, that is the bottom of the pocket , it has got some extra space to cover the side width and length of the notebook. faham ke? faham jelah kan hehehe. Tang corner tulah yang paling susah. In order to make the joining of the padded pocket look neat on to the lining, I had to sew the pocket twice to join the lining and the pocket. First I sew the edges of the padded pocket on to the lining, then I use the bias tape and sew it ontop of the first joint. You can see the result as in the bottom right picture. Can you see that both sides are padded? Atas tu gambar sebelum join the lining to the outer layer.

I also made a holder with velcro to secure the pocket when the netbook is inside the pocket. So tak delah nanti pocket tu ternganga kan, maklumlah netbook tu ada weight sikit. Hope the owner will like this.

And note to all, please this is the first and the last time I am sewing this. No orders please!!! Cruel eh!!


zaitgha said...

Baru nampak entry nih....cantik nyer ...

OO said...

mesti dah siap buat bag ni legaaaa sangat!

Kak Elle said...

very pretty why didn't I think of that before???nak jugakkkkkkkkk

Ummi365 said...

Zai, what do you think? cantik ke? hoping that someone sukalah.

OO, oh yes indeed, rasa bebanan tu hilang, very challenging though.

Kak Elle, ooooppss sori order is closed.

zaitgha said...

so very nice....and i know that someone will like very more order of this type ya? saw my msg in your FB inbox? check nanti ya

fabric kat atas tu pun lawa, how many meters u hve of each design?