Monday, January 18, 2010

Request from Penang

A customer requested for a custome made bag using the fabric below and she left it up to me to match the colors.

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's time to let go

When I look into my wardrobe, i feel like I was suffocating, I guess that was the same feeling my fabrics were experiencing. I am a fabric fetish and I admit that. I am sure you know what I have been doing right? Taking them out, admiring them and putting them again which is really wasting of time and energy. I think orang giler je buat keje macam ni. I know if I die, these will not go with me. So after thinking hard, some of them have to go to a new owner.

If you look at the fabric below, they are all the same design but different color. They are Japanese cotton. I just could not choose then what color I wanted so I bought all colors. Crazy isn't it. But after buying them I realized, would I want sew this for a baju kurung. Ermm macam budak2 pun ada. My daughter likes it but I dont think she wants to wear this too. I may turn them into bags but I have got 4 meters of each. It will take time to finish and after all saaaaayaaaang nak potong. Kan dah kata..

So dengan berat hati I am letting this go for RM100. They are 4 meters each. I dont think I have the heart to cut for a shorter length. But if you have friends to share why not, because I will not sell for lesser than 4 meters.

Do email me if you heart this at sewprettypink[at]




Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dotty and Stripy

Kindly check availability here

Do you like anyone of these? Ohhh I adore them very much. I know it's hard to find them in KL. But I have to let them go to make some space in my wardrobe. I only have one yard each of those stripy and dotty. If you adore them just like I do, please email me at These are all Japanese cottons, which you can make baju kurung, blouses or anything you wish. It is medium weight and not thick like the heavy cotton to make bag/curtain/upholstery.The minimum you can purchase is half yard.

I've got some pictures with the measuring tape so that you can roughly estimates how big the dots and the stripes are.

It's going for RM23 per yard. The width is 44in.

13,14,24 reserved for Erin
10, 11, 22, 03(half yard) sold to Skin
23, 27 (1/2 yard each) reserved for hoyoyi
03,09,16 (1/2 yard each) reserved for junita


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am back

Hi everyone,

I am back from my long holiday and back at work today. To those who have ordered bags from me, please be patient. I am kind of "hura hara" at home with kids schooling, nursery, driving classes dan segala yang sewaktu dengannya. If I have the time I will look into your orders this weekend and list them down here so that you will know when to expect your bags. If I don't then you will have to wait for next weekend ya. I am very very sorry.

I guess it is not too late to wish everyone of you a Happy New Year.