Friday, January 15, 2010

It's time to let go

When I look into my wardrobe, i feel like I was suffocating, I guess that was the same feeling my fabrics were experiencing. I am a fabric fetish and I admit that. I am sure you know what I have been doing right? Taking them out, admiring them and putting them again which is really wasting of time and energy. I think orang giler je buat keje macam ni. I know if I die, these will not go with me. So after thinking hard, some of them have to go to a new owner.

If you look at the fabric below, they are all the same design but different color. They are Japanese cotton. I just could not choose then what color I wanted so I bought all colors. Crazy isn't it. But after buying them I realized, would I want sew this for a baju kurung. Ermm macam budak2 pun ada. My daughter likes it but I dont think she wants to wear this too. I may turn them into bags but I have got 4 meters of each. It will take time to finish and after all saaaaayaaaang nak potong. Kan dah kata..

So dengan berat hati I am letting this go for RM100. They are 4 meters each. I dont think I have the heart to cut for a shorter length. But if you have friends to share why not, because I will not sell for lesser than 4 meters.

Do email me if you heart this at sewprettypink[at]





Aida said...


I will gladly take the blue one of ur hands.

email me at aidamarleena at yahoo dot com.

MAMAMIA said...

Cantik design nya... tapi I pun ada kain yg tak hantar tailor lagi..

Lama tak baca cerita pasal yr kids? How r they doing?

zino said...

salam hujung minggu...

kay_leeda said...


I'm also doing closet make over this weekend. Urrrghhhh.....I have the same problems you do. Got kains and dunnu what to do with them. Masa nak beli so bersemangat. Now they just sit at a miserable corner in the closet.

Ummmppp...maybe I'll do what you are doing. Let them go. Ayooo...decisions, decisions...(but so sayanggg coz each one has a personal attachment/story to tell) How lahhh???

Ummi365 said...

aida, email has been sent to you.

mamamia, hantar dulu mana yang dok ada.. dont be like me

zino.. salam untuk zino dan kak aishah.

kak kaaaaayyyyyyyyy... hahaha.. itulah namanya perempuan.. like i said we both cant go shopping together. when you ask me i say nice, you beli, when i ask you, you say nice too and i beli.. akibatnya nanti itu yang stash tinggi bagai klcc kan hehehe

sya said...

Cantik warna kain tu meriah.. kalau kak sya ada anak about 5 - 6 tahun nak aje tempah buat gown.. cantik